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Growing up in a Norwegian American family I began studying ancient runes, poetry, archeology, and art in 1989. This deep dive into my Nordic roots inspired a life long passion and full time career as a touring performer, author, and educator. I love sharing about the Nature Instruments of my Norwegian heritage. Here is a video made for a teacher at the Hmong Immersion School in St. Paul.

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More About Me

I always identified with my Norwegian culture and was outraged when in junior high I was told to check the box - white. As an artist, it was one of many "identity crisis" I have experienced in my long life. The most important thing my performance, teaching, and spiritual guidance does is examine the narratives of what it means to be of European descent here in the United States.

There is a term in Old Norse, öorlog, meaning all of the past precedence of our ancestors. Not just genetic and epigenetic material, but ideas, choices, actions and inactions are included in this öorlog we all hold. The deeper down the root we can go, the more knowlege there is about our öorlog, with knowlege comes choice. We can choose to spin the same thing or we can choose to spin something else. We can repeat old narratives or we can push them into new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us.

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